Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

(3/30/2013) Electric cars may be the future of the automotive industry. Cars like those manufactured by Tesla represent an exciting new advancement for consumers and the environment. But what do you need to know when considering an electric car? In this series, we examine key information to help you step into the future.

Today's electric cars are still a relatively new phenomenon to the marketplace. Facing higher price tags and confusing questions, many buyers don't include the vehicles in their pool of choices.

So why should you consider and buy an electric car?

    1. Saving money. Yes, electric cars have a higher price tag than most cars for sale today. But what that sticker doesn't reveal is the total cost of ownership. Buying electric means you don't have to spend money on skyrocketing gas costs. Electric cars also have less moving parts, meaning drastically reduced maintenance costs. Finally, many federal and state government incentives reduce your year's tax burden, offsetting the purchase price.

    2. Dependable costs. Besides the initial purchase price, you will also have the cost of electricity to charge your car at home. But historically electricity costs are lower and much more stable than gas costs. You can budget for the long term, an unheard-of prospect with gas-powered vehicles.

    3. Unique driving experience. Drive an electric car and you immediately note the absence of one thing — noise. By their nature these cars are quiet and smooth driving, without sacrificing the speed and consistency of regular cars.

    4. Reducing your footprint. Using electricity to power your car over gasoline, you reduce pollution and cut the usage of a limited natural resource. Driving electric vehicles reduce dangerous carbon dioxide emissions linked to climate change and global warming. And with less need for gas, governments and companies have less pressure to seek out oil in environmentally (and politically) sensitive areas.

    5. Efficiency. When buying an electric car, you will find the highest efficiency on the market. You can drive an electric car for around three to four cents per mile, compared to eleven cents per mile for gas-powered cars.


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