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When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

(02/26/2010) Yes, it's true. There are certain times of the year that are more ideal than others when car shopping. A large purchase, such as a new vehicle, can be a very exciting but also stressful experience if you aren't prepared. Knowing when to purchase could ease the pain and assist you in getting the most for your money.

Out with the old and in with the new
Typically you will find better deals between the months of September and November. During these fall months car dealerships are focused on getting rid of old inventory in order to make room for next years models. Don't hesitate to ask your salesperson for discounts or rebates. During the year end clearance you'll find that most of them will not hesitate to accommodate.

Major Holidays Could Mean Major Discounts
During major holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day or Labor Day, you will find sales at most car dealerships. This is an excellent time to car shop as you will most likely get great deals on the newest vehicles as well as reduced prices.

The Lower Your Score, the Higher Your Interest Rate
Knowing your credit score beforehand can help you out tremendously when purchasing a new car. People with lower credit scores will typically have higher interest rates, meaning the car you thought you could afford is not quite that affordable anymore. If you have a high credit score, chances are you will qualify for the lowest rates. Once you have pulled your credit and know where you stand, you can begin shopping for your auto loan in advance.  Sites like make it easy for you to know what rates are available if and when the dealer offers their own financing.


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