About ERATE®

ERATE® is a nationwide publisher of financial and interest rate information specifically targeted for use by the consumer.

ERATE began as a prime-only mortgage brokerage and transitioned into a consumer resource site with the primary goal of helping consumers educate and protect themselves.

When most mortgage companies became involved in the sub-prime lending meltdown, ERATE chose not to participate in questionable sub-prime lending practices but rather maintained its focus on the large segment of consumers and lenders who could withstand the legitimate, long-proven underwriting standards that had been the hallmark of the mortgage industry's past.

With over a decade of mortgage origination experience behind us, we recognized the growing need for consumer protection and advocacy in the financial services industry and changed the course of our business in 2006 to focus exclusively on assisting consumers in making better financial decisions.

We provide original, unbiased, user-friendly tools and information for consumers to rely on when making important personal financial decisions relating to mortgages as well as a variety of loans connected to autos, credit cards, personal, home equity and student loans.

ERATE® also emphasizes transparency and accuracy in the financial information it publishes, offering consumers a platform to compare rates and financial products across a wide array of institutions. By fostering an environment of informed decision-making, ERATE® empowers consumers to take charge of their financial futures, ensuring they have access to the most current and comprehensive rate information available.


Jeff Howard - ERATE CEO

Jeff Howard
Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Osborne - ERATE COONancy Osborne

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher Lee - ERATE CTO

Christopher Lee
Chief Technology Officer


ERATE.COM is not affiliated with "erates mortgage" or Finance of America Mortgage and never has been. The trademark dispute between ERATE.com and Finance of America Mortgage over the use of "erates mortgage" has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the Parties.

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