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Guidelines to mortgage refinancing

Select a home loan based on your financial goals, ownership duration, and credit history, focusing on adjustable rates for short-term stays and fixed rates for long-term stability, while considering personal cash flow and future financial changes.

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Leveraging your Home's Equity for Financial Growth

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Inflation Concerns:
1- Policymakers are worried about persistent inflation. This refers to the general increase in prices of goods and services over time.
2- Some inflationary pressures are transitory, caused by supply chain disruptions and pent-up demand. However, the Fed acknowledges that certain price increases may be more persistent.

Interest Rates and Monetary Policy
1- The federal funds rate (the key interest rate) is currently at a 23-year high. The Fed aims to cool down spending and investment to combat inflation.
2-Policymakers are cautious about lowering rates too quickly. They want to see sustained evidence of inflation moderating before making adjustments.

Forward Guidance:
1-The Fed’s communication emphasizes that any rate changes will be data-dependent. They’re committed to maintaining a gradual approach.
2- Balancing inflation control with economic growth is their challenge.