Five Drawbacks of Electric Cars

(4/8/2013) Electric cars may be the future of the automotive industry. Cars like those manufactured by Tesla represent an exciting new advancement for consumers and the environment. But what do you need to know when considering an electric car? In this series, we examine key information to help you step into the future.

Electric cars are multiplying quickly. More and more manufacturers are getting into the electric car game, and sales are increasing around the world.

However, many consumers still hold back. For some it's a matter of misunderstandings and misconceptions. Others, pure routine and the comfort in knowing how to work a gas-powered car. And for some, a few key drawbacks of the electric car hold them back:

    • Price tag. Many of the new electric car models feature a significantly higher price tag than gas-powered vehicles.

    • Battery. The electric vehicle is dependent on its battery, and currently batteries are large, dense, and expensive.

    • Need to charge. Typically most electric vehicles have a range of up to 100 miles before needing to recharge. While the typical American driver travels far less each day, the need to charge worries many drivers who travel longer commutes or take frequent longer trips.

    • Charging technology. Electric cars come with standard charging apparatus that works like any other electric cord in your household. That means it's a lengthy process to charge the car over multiple hours. Many drivers charge theirs overnight as a result. Newer technology with faster speeds are available for additional cost, and more are in the development pipeline.

    Electric Car Plugged In and Charging

    • Lack of infrastructure. Need to fill up a gas-powered car, and you can find a gas station on every corner. As of yet, there is not the widespread nature of public chargers for electric vehicles. While the majority of charging does occur at home, the unexpected does occur and drivers want a means to charge when out in the world.

    Tesla Super Charger Station Hawthorne CA

With these in mind, electric cars have thus far been snapped up by primarily wealthier, environmentally-minded early adopters. But as technology evolves and mass production increases, these drawbacks will no doubt recede. In the meantime, buyers find plenty of compelling reasons to purchase electric cars.


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