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Site to See: Movoto's First-Time Home Buyer's Guide

Realty agents offer buyers pre-purchase credit, mortgage tips

Continued partisan attempts to undermine the CFPB victimize mortgage consumers

Larger down payment crucial in today's low-inventory, multiple-offer housing market

Site to See: Freddie Mac's CreditSmart

Online mortgage videos a good mortgage news

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may not be enough to clean up mortgage

How much home will the median price buy?

High-cost areas benefitting from jumbo loan boom

Mortgage credit slowly loosening, but many restraints still in place

Mortgage co-signing not what it used to be

Inside the lessons of homeownership counseling

What's to learn from homeownership counseling?

Mortgage reform regulations, mortgage relief programs, special mortgages mandate homeownership counseling - for good reason

What can you do about higher FHA loan costs? Not a lot

Fundamentals apply when applying for a mortgage

Larger down payment prompts lender, seller largess

Erate Update: Which Way Mortgage Rates?

Mortgage banker vs. mortgage broker

The true cost of homeownership

No-marriage mortgages between couples are red flag parades

How much house will a conforming loan buy?

Real estate agents' role in the mortgage application process

Home equity line of credit vs. home equity loan

New insurance covers home purchase against buyer's accidental death

Mortgage rates forecast to rise, albeit slowly in 2013

More underwater homeowners emerge from negative equity

Room for risk? Hybrid ARMs at 29-year lows

Federal programs offer special homeownership opportunities for poor, rural households, including 1% mortgages for 38 years

Completed foreclosures drop 23 percent, signal strength in recovering economy

20.6 million homeowners are mortgage free - for better or for worse

Foreclosures down, but not out in many cities

Low interest rates contributing to tight lending standards

Many consumers would sign up for Wal-Mart, PayPal mortgages

Fiscal cliff clouds otherwise rosy outlook for mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures

HAFA enhancements due next year

Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act on a fiscal cliff

Still higher FHA mortgage costs in the pipeline

Housing recovery not robust enough to reduce mortgage delinquencies

VA loans a major benefit for military veterans, 2.5 million veterans unaware VA loans exist

First-time home buyers not always enjoying full benefits of housing recovery

Mortgage shoppers still leaving money on the table

Site to See: McGruff growling to take a bite out of mortgage fraud crime

'Hell No!" say one in four renters, they won't go for home ownership

FHA poised to raise loan costs - again - in 2013

Consumers prefer candid, transparent mortgage originations

Smaller mortgages, fewer foreclosures sustain housing recovery

National Mortgage Settlement reaches out to military personnel

Foreclosures: The unnatural disaster

Homeownership elusive more than 10 years after foreclosure

'Shadow inventory,' national election, weather keeping consumers from low interest rates

FICO Mortgage Score could ease home loan underwriting squeeze

Good news in foreclosure rescue scam reports tracking to double in 2012

Maintaining credit health much like maintaining physical health

Decade of Morgan Stanley controversy deepens with racial discrimination suit

Latest Wells Fargo suit fodder for consumer distrust, disdain for mortgage lenders

Lenders' compliance due on hundreds of National Mortgage Settlement servicing standards

Housing crisis spawns mortgage market distrust, disdain, bitter desire to extract retributions

Mortgage strike devised to leverage mortgage relief from lenders for underwater homeowners

BofA customer? You may have just won a second mortgage payoff!

Bank of America latest major lender to face REO-management discrimination charges

Home buyers replace investors, easier mortgages replace all-cash deals

Investors poised to further stimulate residential real estate market

No-point, no fee loan regulations due in 2013

Ranks of underwater homeowners shrinking, boosting housing recovery

HOPE NOW, not HAMP, corners loan modification market

Federal agencies, lenders expand mortgage relief to borrowers affected by recent disasters

Vacation, second home, investment loans get squeezed

National Mortgage Settlement banks dole out $10.6 billion to needy homeowners

Comparison shopping is easier, but nearly half of consumers don't

Force-placed insurance a lesser known form of mortgage abuse, predatory costs

Fitch Ratings: FHA loans in jeopardy

One-in-three Fannie, Freddie refis are HARP loans, as high loan-to-value HARP loans comprise large share of hard-hit states' refis

HARP, low mortgage rates prompt lenders to write more mortgages, ease underwriting - a bit

CFPB: Consumers complain about mortgages more than any other financial service tracked

National Mortgage Settlement outreach effort one-ups Independent Foreclosure Review

Space agency credit union offers down-to-earth, federally-insured, low- and no-down home loans targeting a limited audience, for a limited time

Should you wait to lock in a mortgage interest rate?

HARP loans jump to 20 percent of Fannie, Freddie refis; 2012 HARP refis already exceed 2011 HARP refis

Impending federal rules prompt mortgage servicers to clean up their act

Mortgage rates, housing market shine through dismal economic clouds

Wells Fargo settles on $175 million in discrimination restitutions, exists wholesale affiliations

Rise in mortgage distress calls could signal an unexpected surge in foreclosures

Mortgage modification savings help create better borrowers

Record-low mortgage interest rates alone won't end the housing crisis

FHA back pedals on credit dispute underwriting rule, perhaps only temporarily

Federal regulators order mortgage servicers not to violate military servicemembers' homeowner rights

Reverse mortgage criticism, rebuttals coming to a head

Power of counseling saves struggling homeowners $175 a month

Homeowner's short sale ebook just in time for FHFA streamlined short sales

Get a grip on record low mortgage rates with a rate lock

HUD unloading more failing mortgages to shrink shadow inventory, save struggling homeowners from foreclosure

Are lenders truly making mortgages based on borrowers' ability to repay the debt?

Mortgage relief programs seen as assistance of last resort

FHA too-big-to-fail posture could mean a $50 billion taxpayer bailout, tighter reins on FHA loans

Infographic: Strategic defaulters rushing to beat mortgage debt relief deadline

Risk adverse lenders give new meaning to 'jumping through hoops'

Get preapproved for a mortgage before you go home shopping

Wall Street didn't particularly 'like' Facebook's IPO, SF Bay Area home values will

Mortgage delinquencies at lowest level since 2008 or earlier

National Mortgage Settlement gets Mortgage Settlement Oversight office

Refinancing homeowners rushing out of ARMs, into shorter term loans

HARP 3.0 rumors now U.S. Senate Bill 3085

Video-on-demand due as next frontier for's listings

Making mortgage fees make sense

Mortgage delinquency rate falls for first time in two quarters

Housing recovery front runners: Phoenix, Miami, Orlando

Bank of America extends principal reduction modification offers to 200,000 struggling homeowners

Zillow forecasts market bottom in fourth quarter 2012

Sen. Boxer harping heavy on HARP 3.0

Mortgage pundits abuzz with HARP 3.0 rumors

Costco offers online mortgages

Infographic: 2012 shaping up as good time to buy

Home sellers lower prices to compete, bidding wars ensue, recovery heats up

Mortgage fraud up more than 30 percent last year

HARP, FHA boost refinancing, FHA purchases down

Don't shoot the appraiser for the message about home values

Growth in purchase loan originations, closings signal growing strength in housing

Cashing in on your credit score

Shorts sales streamlined to head off 'underwater' mortgage foreclosures

National Mortgage Settlement, high-profile cases prompt more consumers to litigate mortgage grievances

Infographic: Debt-to-income ratio worksheet

Housing's upbeat swing into spring

Mortgage lenders again charged with conducting foreclosure abuse during national mortgage settlement negotiations

Investors refinance, lock down risk with low mortgage rates

Contrarian mortgage shoppers shop around, but not always for mortgages

CFPB mortgage servicing rules expand mortgage industry's regulatory overhaul

Fair housing group warns of federal discrimination suit against REO owners

More renters becoming first time home-buyers, but most 'boomerang' back to parents

But where will they live? In their cars?

Why FRMs are strong and ARMs are weak

Forecasts call for window to close on record-low interest rates for refinancing

Vacation home market heats up with renewed demand

More short sale investors help fuel housing recovery

Healthy mortgages far outweigh distressed home loans

How and when to write a 'Qualified Written Request'

Zillow experts' do-over retreats from past housing forecast

Burns Consulting: Lagging indicators may have cost buyers bottom-market buys

Credit unions aren't the most trusted institution for mortgages

Avoid advertised auto trade-in, loan pay-off rip-offs

Your 401k could be supporting a presidential candidate you hate

Interactive 'Transaction Infraction' demonstrates how banks extract unnecessary overdraft fees

National Mortgage Settlement controversy, related scams, offset by helpful consumer guides

Hitting the brakes on auto insurance costs

Plastic that doesn't melt down

Housing poised to recover, boosts economy, stock market

More homeowners consider strategic defaults, perhaps to their detriment

Consumers still dumping banks

Bright spots in Beige Book

Foreclosure abuses continued during year-long National Mortgage Settlement negotiations

California seeking 'Homeowner Bill of Rights'

Fully free credit scores long overdue

Home prices fall, but so does spending power

Year of the Dragon lighting fire under sellers

National mortgage settlement scams surface before official settlement signed

Auto sales, loans hit the speedway

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau taking regulatory reigns of debt collectors, credit bureaus

4.5 million get 90-day foreclosure review extension

Obama budget proposes extension on Mortgage Debt Relief Act

Uncle Sam offers free tax return preparations

Hard lessons on money made easy for high schoolers

$25 billion 'National Mortgage Settlement' adds $766.5 in fines

Five mortgage servicers agree to $25 billion 'National Mortgage Settlement'

REO 'land rush' opens with prequalification period for investors

IRS joins Justice Department in ID-theft, refund fraud crackdown

Midwest lagging as Clear Capital forecasts 2012 home price gain

Ever easier to appraise the true value of solar

Americans clamor for tax cuts, but squandered last year's tax windfall

Punxsutawney Phil's forecast bad omen for homeowners insurance rates

Rental scams target renters, landlords

HAMP modification program expanded to reach more underwater homeowners

Sun sets on mortgage insurance deduction

Green homes' success cancels auto dealers' argument about unaffordable green cars

State of the Union Address offers little for housing market

Mortgage lenders offer states $25 billion 'robo-signing' settlement

How to deploy no-cost, do-it-yourself ID theft protection

BBB: Top Scams of 2011 going strong in 2012

Banks tightening squeeze on consumers

California Congress members urge Obama to appoint permanent FHFA director

Resolve to balance credit card use with reduced debt and more savings

Consumers spending their way through economic blues

Forecast mashup reveals mixed hope for 2012 national housing market

Obama lets consumer watchdog out

How to offset the rising cost of rent

Military families' housing deeper under water than civilians'

FHA extends anti-flipping waiver again to acknowledge investors' positive role in housing recovery

Gift card exchanges help turn plastic into gold

Clear Capital report hints at earlier housing recovery

Homeownership counseling again proves invaluable

Saints or sinners, investors contribute to crashes, recoveries 

Homeowners renting out underwater homes to move on

Tax advice for year-end charity contributions

Auto insurance settlement advice

SEC sues former Fannie, Freddie execs for mortgage securities fraud dating back five years

Retail holiday workers find little joy in housing costs

Tough economic times continue for homeowner associations

More sustainable American Dream is green

CFPB reveals simplified credit card disclosure form

Banks cooking books to collect more debit card fees

CFPB zeros in on credit card complaints

Feds continue 'tough guy' stance against mortgage modification scams

Home-based businesses get greater protections, but could use more relief

Real estate investors find shelter in apartment REITs

CFPB getting schooled on shadowy student loan industry

Foreclosure crisis isn't half over

Should you take your home off the market during the holidays?

Keeping the misspending monkey off your back

'Green' homes, energy-saving upgrades factored into true appraised home value

Slow down, drive safely, save on auto insurance

FHA loan ceiling raised back to $729,750

Baffled home buyers overestimate appreciation, confused by other home buying issues

Keep holiday identity theft in check

New credit scores for mortgages coming for better and for worse

Foreclosure reviews available for 4.5 million consumers

Homeowners fear lost equity more than natural disasters

Consumers exercise debit card fee options, for better or for worse

Voters seeking candidates who champion housing

Avowed 1%er Schiff gives mortgage-backed securities a pass

Estate planning primer and mistakes to avoid

More consumers making the grade on credit scores

Paying credit cards on time, letting the mortgage go, common among struggling households

Working poor quick to drop banks over hidden, unexpected fees

Are you leaving 401(k) money on the table?

Explore sharing the American Dream

Much of 1099 economy home-based

Who dominates real estate, men or women?

Underwater homeowner bailout considered with bank settlement

Identity thieves are preying on your children

Zillow enhances multiple listing service clout for FSBOs

Texan towns lead the growing pack of housing markets on the move

Two of three homeowners under-insured, potentially magnifying the impact of disaster

Debit card fee slashing strategies 

Economic protestors' debit card choices more powerful than bullhorns

'Tis the season for gift card buys and gift card bewares

Is a reverse mortgage for you?

Banks' big bailout payback after regulators rollover on terms

How to get your spouse's financial baggage out of the closet

NAHB index reveals 12 recovering metros among 360 examined

More bill collectors behaving badly

Vacation property owners enjoy hot summer

Student housing investments moving to head of the class

Facilitating a faster refinance

How to boost your retirement savings

Glitter returning to Golden State's housing market

Few bright spots in blue Beige Book

Online car-buying fraud accelerates

Secured credit cards help rebuild credit, but can come with unnecessary costs 

Free checking on endangered financial species list 

Mortgage morass gets murkier

Americans prefer to pay down debt rather than save

British tabloid type "spoofing" threatens your credit card information

Extended EHLP (Read 'Help') deadline for homeowners facing foreclosure, employment struggles

Jumbo' limits set to drop, making larger loans more costly

It's housing, stupid

No shortage of short sale fraud

Feds to steer consumers away from predatory auto loans

Home ownership beats renting, if you can get a loan

Gauge your housing market's recovery and cash in

Investors better than banks, Feds at shrinking distressed inventory

Best Back-to-School Real Estate Investment Cities

Feds pondering how to unload government-owned distressed properties

Top consumer complaints tied to areas of economic distress

Short-term bank loans as expensive as payday loans

Mortgage rates eye of Wall Street storm after S&P downgrade

Debit card overdraft fee APRs soar higher than 3,000 percent

High interest rates isn't the only drawback to some payday loans

Feds target deceptive mortgage advertising years after ads contributed to crash

Housing counseling generates optimism during tough times

Credit scores cloudy with a good chance of confusion

Consumer watchdog opens amid efforts to defang the new agency

New survey ferrets out top markets for SFH rental property investments

Big break for California short sellers

Voters united over homeownership

Credit Cards vs Debit Cards

Getting hooked on the savings habit

New plastic doesn't have to melt down your credit score

Debit Cards vs Credit Cards

Check out high-yield checking, ring up more returns

More banks spanked for foreclosure failures

Renting gets tricky

Don't over look credit union mortgages

Housing to take center stage in 2012 election

ACORN shellacking was just nuts

Utah BBB issues EZ Loan Protection alert

Married couples ready to take the plunge

Erate's 'Dirty Half Dozen Digital Ways to Buy or Sell in Today's Housing Market'

Are fewer foreclosure numbers due to book cooking?

Housing counselors thumbs down on mortgage modification operations

Half of consumers can't come up with down payment

Underwater homeowners taking on more water

S&P/Case-Shiller index confirms 'double-dip,' home buying opportunities

Foreign buyers cashing in on U.S. housing closeout sale

Investors move to the head of the home-buying class

Predatory lending tactics continue with greater stealth

Shop harder for loans for gas-sipping used cars

Housing recovery forecasts go 'poof!'

Federal consumer watchdog digging into mortgage disclosures

Jobs-housing connection a key indicator to watch

MARS' loan modification protections extend to short sales, other foreclosure relief

CRL lists top mortgage servicing abuses

Latest 'double-dip' report heralds beginning of the end of falling home prices

Predicted home price 'double dip' arrives, price bottom delayed until 2012

Should you buy a home or rent one?

Now checking account banks pull the wool over your eyes

Mortgage maze still leaves home buyers in a haze

Is your real estate agent packing the latest technology?

Misleading, aggressive marketing boosts overdraft opt-in fee collections

How to drive a hard auto loan bargain

Special Report: Hitting the Brakes on Auto Dealer Loans

Get a CLUE about your home and auto insurance claims

Mortgage lenders ordered to pay back homeowners for
questionable foreclosures

Tougher requirements, economy shrink FHA loan share

Disconnect between what buyers, sellers want

Payday loans put borrowers on debt treadmill

Most Americans thumbs down on 'strategic defaults'

Government failed housing, but continues heavy housing subsidies

Celebrate 'Financial Literacy Month'… frugally

Could you qualify for a 'Qualified Residential Mortgage?'

Why vacant homes are a tough sell

Banks winning overdraft fee war, consumers losing billions

California issues consumer alerts for mortgage fraud

More borrowers reach for ARMs

FHA 'Short Refi' under attack

Identity theft tops consumer complaint list, 'imposter scams' debut

Fence-sitting buyers worry about the hard sell

Sellers? Get inspection protection

Money does grow on trees, throughout landscaping

Don't be too cheap

Bankruptcy counseling helps cure debt addiction

States offer incentives for green improvements

CARD Act eases fear of plastic

Why housing consumers say you need a real estate agent

2011 President's Day auto sales among best ever

MARS rule offers down-to-earth foreclosure, modification scam protection

New consumer finance bureau opens to criticism

Watchdog SAFE Act curbing toxic mortgages

Many consumers chronically mystified by mortgage maze

Feds freeing up credit scores

Pay rent, boost your credit score

Wall Street, not Fannie, Freddie to blame for housing, economic meltdown

Myths reduce vacation rental opportunities

Higher market risk-based mortgage fees coming

Unsung hero community groups save neighborhoods

State, local housing programs to the rescue

Federal consumer watch dog needs vice-grip bite

How to find true value in the appraisal process

Investment property owners bullish on 2011

Less filling 'double-dip' doom looms

Short sales not short nor easy

More housing forecasts. So what? Who cares?

Reverse Mortgages: Look hard before you leap

Reverse Mortgages: The debate heats up

Federal housing scorecard a mixed bag

Obama's HAMP misses modification goals, federal program out of steam

Renting gains in popularity, as home ownership shrinks

Foreclosures proceed during mortgage modifications

Five crucial contacts for home buyers

Where housing market recovery is underway

Real estate professionals say home prices haven't hit bottom

CFA claims auto insurers stiff injured policy holders

Foreclosures more cheaper than ever, but inventories falling

Cheapest, most expensive vehicles to insure

How your down payment adds up

Foreclosure myths debunked

Consumers grow more bearish on home ownership

Mortgage application time increases, decreasing consumer satisfaction

Mortgage fraud cashing in on hard times

Fiserv 2011 housing recovery forecast mirrors NAR projections

Sleepy housing market gets nudge in 2011

Site to See: Federal Reserve's 'Credit Reports and Credit Scores'

Home ownership rate lowest in more than a decade

Tax relief available for home owners with corrosive drywall

Refinancing homeowners continue to 'pay-in' at near record levels

Beige Book: Housing market still blue

Tough economic times for homeowner associations

Loving, loathing America's big cities

Do you have a 'Vacation Rental Home Personality?'

It's a good time to buy a vacation home

ARMs to the rescue

Appraisers up next for 'Wall Street Reform' brand of regulatory do-over

Best, worst credit scores

Lenders freeze foreclosures as they reach record levels

BofA halts foreclosures, states investigate

CAI, CPCF: Don't ban private transfer fees

Coalition, Congress joins Fed effort to ban private transfer fees on home sales

Higher conforming loan limits for another year

Foreclosures sell at 26 percent discount, comprise 24 percent of all sales

Unsupervised, risky business, greedy homebuyers tanked the housing market

Housing bust withered California's economy, job market

California most expensive, Midwest most affordable housing

Most say it's a good time to buy, fewer see housing as a good investment

More than one in three say it's OK to walk away from mortgage

One-in-four sellers slash average $34,000 off home prices

Seven selling sillies that sap home sales

Driving a hard bargain on car insurance

Reverse mortgages slated for regulatory overhaul

Yield spread premiums make endangered loan-fee species list

Don't waste your money on these financial services

Real estate investing for beginners

Oil spill scamming washes ashore

Home sales, consumer confidence remain in recession

Making the case for lost-property-value claims in the Gulf oil disaster zone

Feds seek to ban private transfer fees on home sales

Married real estate agents make both "most likely to fool around" lists

Q&A with Karl Lee, President Santa Clara County Association of Realtors

FHA 'Short Refi' set to save underwater homeowners

Vacation rental owners' learn hard lesson from the Gulf oil disaster

J.D. Power: How to find a real estate agent

Day-at-the-beach' becomes tougher sell for Gulf Coast vacation rental property owners

Real estate company satisfaction mixed among buyers, sellers

Don't add on 'add-on' insurance

Rate of homeownership nears 11-year low

Credit cards more transparent, but problems remain

Homeowners insurance goes to school

Landmark consumer protection law heavy with strong mortgage rules

San Francisco Bay Area ground zero for national housing recovery

Homebuyers have no regrets

Housing's fire sale continues

American Dream attracting more foreigners

Homebuyer tax credit extension for contracted homebuyers only

Steer clear of car title loans

Most neighbors still social network the old fashioned way

Easy access to all mortgage and closing costs

Love affair with homeownership on the rocks

Employed workers suffering lost income go frugal, shun credit

California gets $700,000 slice of special $1.5 billion homeowner bailout pie

California home prices shine golden again, sales rusty

Home sales continue to bomb

Most mortgage modifications doomed to failure

Beware payday loan 'alternatives'

Gulf area homeowners get mortgage relief

More bad news for Gulf area home values

Mortgage rates not low enough for housing consumers

Zero interest credit cards quickly melt down

HomeAway issues marching orders for Gulf area vacation property owners

Credit CARD Act rewards faster balance pay off, credit scores

Housing market isn't what it used to be

Site to See: Esteemed Lending Services (It's a fake)

Auto, mortgage, credit card delinquencies decline as economy dumps doldrums

Consumers want financial protection agency

Parents flunk credit score quiz

Debunking credit score myths

Costly trends impacting homeowners insurance

Small loans cost consumers big bucks

Zillow: Housing's hard landing due July-September 2010

Part 2 of 2 -- Underwater? Alternatives to walking away

Part 1 of 2: Underwater? Walking away from your mortgage could really sink you

Housing consumers leaving hibernation for spring specials

HouseLogic eases the logistics of homeownership coalition goes after mortgage modification fraud

Go green doing it yourself

New home sales nothing to write home about

Hitting bottom hasn't sufficiently changed consumer habits

What CARD Act? Credit cards get more expensive

Full housing recovery at least a decade away

Housing affordability allows some "green" workers to buy, not most community workers

Home owners getting paid for short sales

Always time for a home inspection

Home buying secrets for the 'Average Joe'

Struggling home owners awarded another $14 billion

California's improved home buyer tax credit a day late, but still great

Chances are, your next car will be used. Drive a hard bargain

Top 10 Home Buying Mistakes

Hanley Wood announces hottest housing markets for 2010

Multigenerational households go back to the future

California home sellers' losses become first-time home buyers' gains

'Free' credit reports aren't, except from

Justice, voice for minority housing crisis

Why consumers still balk at buying homes

Home Sweet Apps let your fingers do the walking through the housing market

Sites to See: Clearing Credit CARD Act confusion

2010 Real estate market poised to spring ahead

Driving can be hazardous to your homeownership

Home equity till empty for many homeowners

What your car is really saying

Consumer Reports suspends recommendations for Toyota's recall models

How not to slow down your home buyer tax credit or refund

FHA speeding up foreclosure sales

FHA to raise borrower fees, stiffen qualifying requirements

Mortgage modifications with cash payments to homeowners?

Feds subpoena FHA lenders with high foreclosure rates

Home equity protection

Auto loan defaults to rise 7 percent in 2010

A decade in residential real estate

Homebuyer tax credit boosts economy

Home buyer tax credit extension approved

New vehicle purchase tax deduction deadline days away

Improved 'housing affordability' only relative

CARD Act comes with credit counseling disclosure

2.2 million refinanced mortgages saving homes, economy

Keep auto financing and price negotiations separate

Overdraft fee rule latest short-term money-maker for banks

Home prices buoyed by favorable market conditions

Banks charging customers for NOT using credit cards

California home buyer tax credit extension dead

2009 ends with mortgage interest rates on the rise (multiple articles this page)

Refinancing Your Mortgage Under Federal Programs

Housing market mixed as new, existing home sales hit fork in the road

Rebounding California housing market may be leading indicator for nation




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