Office, Apartments, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare, Student Housing, Small Business Administration (SBA)
Commercial Mortgage Loans

ERATE partners provide commercial mortgages for:

Retail - Strip malls to single tenant and more
HeathCare - Nursing homes to medical clinics and more
Office - Single tenant to hi-rise tower and more
Apartments - All size developments considered

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Commercial Mortgage Loan FAQs

Are multifamily loans considered "commercial" loans?
If the property is four units or less, it is considered residential. Five units or more is considered a commerical loan.

Can you quote me a rate over the phone?
Commercial loans factor in many more variables into the rate than residential loans. Quoting a rate withut understanding every detail of the loan would be meaningless. In some cases we can give you a range, in other cases, we will need to analyze the file further.

What property types can you do?
We can do most any commercial type property, although some property types have loan size restrictions.

How long does it take to close a commercial mortgage
If we have all the information needed, commercial loans take from four to eight weeks to close. In some cases having a completed appraisal up front can speed up the process. If you are purchasing a property, you will want a 60 day escrow at minimum. If you are involved in a 1031 exchange please let us know your timetable.

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