Releasing the Inner-Millionaire in You

What do millionaires know that the rest of us don’t? Perhaps not as much as you think. The secret to becoming a millionaire might be readily accessible to all of us and could boil down to having fun at work, applying self-discipline and forming a plan and sticking to it. Below are some characteristics that many millionaires share and if you follow and model millionaire behavior yourself you could be on the path to creating wealth and security for yourself and your family far beyond your expectations:

Work hard at a job you truly enjoy and have a passion for. Millionaires love their work and consider it their calling in life. You cannot put the “heart and soul” effort it takes to succeed at something if you do not find joy in doing it.

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Be disciplined, committed and tenacious in achieving your goals. Too many of us give up too soon and fall short of reaching our potential. If only we had stayed the course and remembered that you can’t reach the finish line if you drop out of the race.

Note the seemingly simple guy or gal living next door to you could be a millionaire. Frequently the average millionaire is not flashy in their spending habits and indeed they are quite conservative in how and where their money flows, it’s never spent freely or thoughtlessly.

Millionaires always pay themselves first for they realize that it is they, themselves who they are truly working for. Saving consistently and investing wisely is the cornerstone of millionaire behavior. Establishing a financial plan, either with the assistance of an investment advisor or on their own, and then working their plan is a primary objective.

A millionaire devotes financial resources to appreciating assets, not depreciating assets. Examples of appreciating assets include those investments which typically gain value the longer you hold them (i.e. real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and deprecating asset examples include those investments which typically drop in value once you acquire them (i.e. autos, electronics, appliances, clothing).

Millionaires know that making money overnight is not the goal or the key to creating wealth but maintaining good wealth creating habits and building wealth slowly but surely is.

Nancy Osborne, Nancy Osborne has had experience in the mortgage business for over 20 years and is a founder of both ERATE, where she is currently the COO and Progressive Capital Funding, where she served as President. She has held real estate licenses in several states and has received both the national Certified Mortgage Consultant and Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist designations. Ms. Osborne is also a primary contributing writer and content developer for ERATE.

"I am addicted to Bloomberg TV" says Nancy.


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