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Nancy Osborne has had experience in the mortgage business for over 20 years and is a founder of both ERATE, where she is currently the COO and Progressive Capital Funding, where she served as President. She has held real estate licenses in several states and has received both the national Certified Mortgage Consultant and Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist designations. Ms. Osborne is also a primary contributing writer and content developer for ERATE.

"I am addicted to Bloomberg TV" says Nancy.

Obamacare Overview for Consumer's & Employer's

Lenders Double Down on Car-Title Loans Attempting to Stay Ahead of Regulators

Need Cash Fast? Beware of Greedy Lenders Waiting to Exploit You

Identity Theft: It's Big Business

Drawbacks to a Reverse Mortgage

The Best Way to Avoid Foreclosure......turns out it's finding a job!

The Reverse Mortgage 2.0

Retirement & the Rising Cost of Healthcare

A Personal Financial Check Up

For ARM Loans Set to Go Up, Preparation is Your Best Defense

ARM Ready to Re-set? What to Do

Autos: Leases

Autos: Loans

Real Estate Investments to Avoid

As the Bailout Bonanza Continues, Shouldn't Borrowers Participate Too?

Bailout Required for Fannie and Freddie After All

More Problems for Banks Seen Looming on the Horizon

Bi-Weekly Mortgages

Bernanke Gives Economic Outlook

Selecting the Best Mortgage Rate

Is the Time Right for Bonds? Bond Market Investing

Borrowing Against Your 401(k)

Central Banks Show Unprecedented Unity in Coordinated Rate Cuts

The ABCs of Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO) & Credit-Default Swaps (CDS)

Consumer Financing Shifts to Credit Cards

Get a Home Equity Loan Then Call a Contractor

You and Your Credit; Make it a Happy Ongoing Relationship

Loophole Must be Closed on Misleading Credit Abuse

Credit Counseling, Is it Right for You?

Credit Card Default: The Next Wave?

Credit Freeze: A New Weapon for Putting the "Freeze" on ID Theft

Your Credit Score: It's More Important Than Ever

Simple Ways to Help Your Credit Score

Are You in a Debt Crisis? Diagnosis and Solutions

How Much Debt Can You Afford?

Overloaded With Debt? Symptoms and Solutions

Debt: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Disability Insurance

Plans in Place to Help Distressed Homeowners and Their Lenders

Government Ponders What to Do Next About the Ailing Economy?

Education Financing: Saving for Your Child's College Expenses

An Emergency Reserve Account: Why You Need One

May Employment Report Spooks the Market

Estate Planning and Your 401(k)

Faced With a Job Loss? What to Do Next

Fannie Mae Eases Down Payment Requirement

FDIC Floats New Foreclosure Prevention Plan

Protecting Your Cash

The Limitations of FDIC Insurance

Additional Rate Cuts by the Fed Viewed as Unlikely

Feds Clamp Down on Credit Card Abuses

The Fed's Impact on the Economy

Fed Pulls Out Depression Era Stops in an Effort to Save Bear Stearns

Fed Releases Regional Economic Stats

The Fed Stands Pat Keeping Rates Unchanged for Now

Fed Working Overtime This Weekend

FHA Loans Hidden Risk to Taxpayers

FHA Mortgage Relief Plan Moves a Step Further

Plans for FHA to Assume Greater Role Move Forward

Expansion of FHASecure Program Proposed

Foreclosed Homes Selling at Fire Sale Prices

Foreclosure Problem Compounded as Homeowners Underwater Choose to Walk

Foreclosure Rate Continues to Climb

Foreclosures: Selling Distressed Properties

Don't Get Blindsided by Real Estate Garbage Fees

Trouble Hits GSE Giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Guaranteed Lowest Rate (GLR)

Health Insurance Basics

Healthcare Costs: The New Obstacle to Retirement

Critical Flaws in the U.S. Healthcare System

Home Equity Hazards

Homeowner's Equity Hits Historic Low

Tips on Cutting Your Homeowner Expenses

Home Inspections: Never Buy a House Without One

Homeowner's Insurance

Some Unexpected Good News on the Housing Front

Housing Slump Sparked by Mortgage Mess Thought to Last Longer

Identity Theft Protection Services, Are They Worth It?

Identity Theft, What to Do If You're a Victim

Indirect Ways of Investing in Real Estate

Who's Right About Inflation?

Insurance Losses Due to Sub-prime Top Those of Natural Disasters

Insurance Products to Avoid

Insurance: What You Need to Know Before Filing a Claim

Investing in Real Estate: Is It Right For You?

What's Your Investment Personality?

Job Losses Continue to Plague the Financial Services Sector

Lending Standards Stricter Industry Wide

Life Insurance

Guidelines for Purchasing Life Insurance

Mortgage Loan Modifications 101

The 40 Year Mortgage Loan: Pros and Cons

Loans to Avoid

Location: Rule #1 of Real Estate

Tips on Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Debt: Quality Over Quantity

Micro-Loans Small Loans, Big Impact

Money 101: Basics of Personal Finance

Money, Keeping Your Eye on the Big Picture

Money Management Practices Worth Following

More Costly Investment Mistakes

More Mortgage Help on the Way?

Mortgage Finance Reform Bill Moves Forward

Mortgage Industry Changes Ahead

Mortgage Rates: To Lock or Not to Lock?

Is it Foolish to Continue Paying Your Mortgage on Time?

Have Extra Cash? Should You Pre-Pay Your Mortgage?

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

How to Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment

Protecting Your Cash

Protecting Your Pension & 401(k)

The Bush-Paulson Plan to Freeze Rates: It's Only a Start

Buying and Selling Real Estate in this Market

Real Estate Investments to Avoid

Tips on Developing a Recession-Proof Lifestyle

Releasing the Inner-Millionaire in You

Would Refinancing Make Sense?

Rental Property Buying Opportunities in Today's Market

Investing in Rental Property

Response to Crisis Results in Record Low Mortgage Rates

How Much Money Will You Need to Retire?

Boomers in Retirement

Generating Cash Flow from Your Retirement Assets

Maximizing the Use of Your Retirement Fund

Retirement Planning: What to Do When You Fall a Little Short

Do Yourself a Huge Favor: Save 10%

Tips on Shopping for a Secured Credit Card

Passage of Law Means Relief for Distressed Homeowners

Short Term Financing Gap: HELOC vs. Bridge Loan

Timing Your Social Security Benefits

Scams Involving Straw Buyers Aggravates Foreclosure Problem

Mortgage Broker's Role in the Sub-Prime Loan Debacle

Bankruptcy Judges May be Given New Sub-Prime Related Authority

Sub-prime Mortgage Mayhem: Could it Effect You

Alternative Minimum Tax Deadline Looming for Legislators

The Problem With the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)

What to Do if You Are Audited

Tax Benefits of Retirement Plan Contributions

Tax Considerations of Home Ownership

Getting Tax Help: Tips on Finding a Tax Professional

Maintaining Your Tax Records

Tax Time Is Here, How Will You Get Your Return Done?

Federal Income Tax Tips

The Government Can't Seem to Cut the Checks Fast Enough

Time to Declare Economic Marshall Law!

Title Vesting Options for Holding Title to Real Property

Product Warranties, Who Needs Them?

World's Central Bankers Address Credit Crisis at G-7 Meeting

Appraisal Controversy Continues

Cash-Out Refis Quickly Being Replaced by Cash-In Loans

Credit Card Conflict: The New Reality of Banks vs. Consumers

The Pros & Cons of Credit Card Reform

Credit Card Reform Ready to Take Effect

Credit Union Finds Solutions for Delinquent Borrowers

Economic Recovery: Reality or Illusion?

The Next Chapter for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

FHAs Market Share Increase is a Growing Cause of Concern

The FHA on a Reckless Path of Another Taxpayer Bailout

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Applied to Down Payment

The Trouble with the First Time Buyer Tax Credit

Foreclosure Lifeline Thrown as TARP is Extended

Foreclosures in 2010 Could Get Interesting

Foreclosures Set Nine Month Record

Government's Modification Program Under Remodel

Recovery in Housing Unsustainable without Jobs

Housing Related Tax Incentives: Are They Really Such a Good Idea?

Latest Housing Figures Suggest Another Dip

Lender's Adapt Guidelines to Reflect the New Economy

Lenders Ease Pace of Tightening But Fall Short of Easing

Liar Nation

Loan Mod Blame Game: It's Borrowers vs. Servicers

New Appeals Process for Loan Modification Applicants

Loan Modifications Available Even for the Jobless!

Mixed Results Mark Trial Loan Modification Program

Why Many Loan Servicers Prefer Foreclosures to Modifications

Mortgage Modification Madness (Part 1)

Mortgage Modification Madness (Part 2)

Mortgage Re-Default Rates High After Early Modification Efforts

Borrowers with Negative Equity Weigh Their Options

Option-ARMs: The Loan Banks Wish They Had Opted Not to Do

Principal Reductions: The Next Solution to the Housing Crisis?

Study Shows Reckless Cash-Out Refis Really to Blame

Reverse Mortgage Program Facing Cutbacks

Government Program to Address Short Sales & Deed-in-Lieu

Government Ramping Up New Short Sale Program

You and Your Credit; Make it a Happy Ongoing Relationship

2010 Tax Deduction Overview of Mortgages



Nancy Osborne, COO of ERATE


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Quotes from Nancy:

"One of the most fascinating observations from this economic downturn is the fact that consumers have continued to make payment on their unsecured debt -- namely their credit cards -- while they have strategically elected to allow their secured debt their mortgage -- to go into default,"

4/27/12 "Having systems in place to detect fraud at the point of origination is essential in preventing another mortgage crisis from occurring again. Throughout the origination process, everyone involved must be incentivized to red flag fraud and not to turn a blind eye simply to get the deal done to realize a profit. Maintaining some form of skin in the game is the best way for all concerned to keep a watchful eye in the long run,"

9/23/2010 "Given the remaining level of shadow inventory, as well as the high number of adjustable rate resets still looming which could in turn lead to further defaults, it is difficult to see the supply of housing falling in an amount sufficient to move prices upwards in many parts of the country,"