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To find the best mortgage rates and the best lender in Clearwater, Florida you need an expert source. ERATE provides an extensive network of lenders and brokers throughout Clearwater to make your life easier and get you the best financing. Learn more about rates and lenders that will save you money no matter your credit score by searching below:

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Clearwater – The City

Clearwater has lots of beaches making it a popular vacation spot in Florida. The safety and cleanliness of the beaches have given further boost to Clearwater’s reputation as a tourist destination. It has a mild and comforting weather with an average temperature of around 23 degree Celsius. Clearwater has a population of about a hundred thousand people. Total area of Clearwater is some 37.7 square miles. 

Clearwater – Mortgage Lenders

Popularity of Clearwater’s beautiful beaches has heated up the property purchase deals in Clearwater. Many mortgage lenders have their operations in Clearwater. They offer loans to first time home buyers, for mortgage refinancing, debt consolidations etc. The buyer can contact reputed mortgage lenders like Ameriquest Mortgage Company, Wachovia Mortgage Corporation, New Home Loans and Refinances, Allstate Mortgages & Loans, The Mortgage Company of Tampa Bay, McCaughan Mortgage Company Inc., Atlantic Mortgage Company, Bankers Mortgage Company, OJ Mortgage Co Inc. for his or her mortgage requirement. Here are some tips to mortgage buyers which will help them to get good mortgage deals:

  1. Income level and credit score are the two primary factors taken into consideration by any mortgage lender to decide on the loan interest rate they wish to charge the borrower. Buyers should give correct information, based on which the lender can tailor the loan to suit the borrower’s requirements.
  2. Clearly state the purpose for which loan is necessary, because most of the time, interest rates differ with the purpose of a mortgage.

Choosing Mortgages

There are several factors that a borrower should take into account to finalize which mortgage product he wishes to avail of and from whom. While discussing with mortgage lenders, he should ask the lenders for:

  1. The interest rates the company will charge on mortgage?
  2. What is the amount a borrower should pay as closing costs?
  3. Will the lender offer a good faith estimate?
  4. Is there any pre-payment penalty?
  5. What is the minimum down payment?
  6. How long will the lender take to process his or her loan application?

Only upon getting satisfactory answers should a borrower sign the mortgage agreement.

Clearwater : Other Attractions

Clearwater is the place to visit for fishing enthusiasts. It has arguably the largest fishing fleet on the west coast of Florida named The Clearwater Marina. The boats of marina offer recreational activities too like fishing, sailing, marine sightseeing, deep sea diving, marine life adventures, parasailing etc. A good place to visit for first time visitors will be The Clearwater Marina Aquarium. A visitor to Clearwater Marina Aquarium will be treated to face-to-face encounters with the dancing dolphins, sea turtles and other marine creatures.

City of Clearwater Florida Website

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